Flight Club 502 is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization and educational organization for kids. We build, test and fly airplanes.  The “Four Forces of Flight Club” are:  1.  STEM/NEXT Generation learning, 2.  Leadership development, 3.  Decision making skills, and 4.  Patriotism. Our goal is to inspire success in the youth of America through both the STEM subjects and through aviation. We are currently progressing on two major projects right now, one being the RV12 build, which encompasses our members constructing an airplane for use by everyone associated with Flight Club 502,  which will be part of our second project, Flight Across America. Flight Across America is a business initiative started and proposed by members from Flight Club 502. The mission behind Flight Across America is to promote aviation-based Next Gen/STEM education to the youth of America and help our nation’s children to become successful leaders through aviation. If you wish to know more about the Flight Across America, please visit the Flight Across America tab. If you wish to donate to Flight Club 502 or to Flight Across America, please use our GoFundMe page by clicking here or submit a donation through PayPal.