Our Co-President Eloise McCarthy with Admiral Jeff Daus in Hanger 5

Co-President, Eloise McCarthy: Eloise is our co-president and one of the founding members of Flight Club 502. She is a current senior at Kentucky Country Day and has always had a passion for aviation! Eloise is also a licensed Private Pilot!

Co-President, Michale Guenthner: Michale is the other co-president leading Flight Club 502 alongside Eloise. Michale is a senior at St. Xavier High, a student-athlete, and has completed his first solo flight.

Vice President, Henry Putney: Henry is a junior at St. Xavier and is one of the founding members of Flight Club 502. Henry is leading the fundraising efforts of the non-profit and helped us acquire our first Cessna 150 aircraft! Henry is a skilled pilot and has already completed his solo flight and written exam!

Head of Membership, Luke Voss: Luke is a junior at Louisville Collegiate. Luke is a businessman by heart, having worked on the business plans for the Flight Across America taking place in mid-2019. Luke is serving as the head of the membership committee and handles all of our member-relations services.

Head of Marketing, Molly Ensor: Molly is a Kentucky Country Day student who’s been an active member of Flight Club since its founding. Molly’s sister was the original founder of the non-profit and has played a critical role in advancing Flight Club to its current status in the aviation community.

Director of Operations, Kingsley Tapp: Kingsley is a Harvard Business student and avid pilot, having worked on different aspects of the club during 2018-19. Kingsley co-founded his own geothermal energy research company and is applying his knowledge of business to take Flight Club to its highest potential. He has completed his written exam and is working towards his first solo flight!

Membership Chairman, Brett Logsdon: Brett is a student-athlete at St. Xavier and was among the founding members of the organization. Brett is leading the membership committee, one of the twelve different committees that make up the operations of Flight Club 502. He is also an active participant in the Introductions and Junior FC Classes, teaching aspiring aviators about leadership.

Social Entrepreneurship Chairman, Sophia Baser: Sophia is leading Flight Club’s outreach programs, offering classes taught by senior members of the organization to aspiring pilots and aviation-lovers. Both the Introduction to Aviation and Junior Flight Club classes are part of our social entrepreneurship committee and the money raised through these classes helps contribute to growing the club and funding our efforts to make a positive change in the community!

Finance Chairman, Spencer Allen: Spencer is a high school junior and is heading the finance committee, one of the crucial aspects of any business. He is responsible for billing, ensuring that members pay their dues, and keeping up on the financial responsibilities of the non-profit in the aviation community. Spencer has been with Flight Club 502 since its founding and has helped accelerate us to where we are now!