Flight Club 502 Spring Scholarships have commenced. Next scholarship opportunity will be Fall of 2023. Thank you to all those who donated towards our Flight Scholarships! These Flight Training Scholarships are open to all youth applicants between 15 and 21 years of age who live in the central KY / Louisville area. Age exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. Award selections will be weighted through a combination of selection criteria: Motivation, needs, merit and availability for training.

Scholarship awardees may use the funds for any Flight Training related expense, including flight training, books and equipment. There will be a total of ten Scholarships Awarded in March 2023. The list of named scholarships are:

$10,000 – Alagia Foundation in Memory of Damian Alagia
$3,500 – Robert “Captain Bob” Byron Dearing Scholarship
$2000 – The Rex Krauklis Aviation Legacy Scholarship
$2000 – The Mark and Kellie Carter Aviation Endowment Scholarship
$2000 – Flight Club 502 Executive Board Youth Empowerment Scholarship
$2000 – The Laura and Michael Jones Aviation Vision Scholarship
$1000 – Jack Ball Flying Spirt Flight Scholarship
$1000 – The Classic Biplane Tours Scholarship
$500 – Aviation Kick-Starter Scholarship
$500 – Blueberry Spirit Scholarship
$500 – Launchpad Aviation Scholarship
$500 – Shirt-Tail Starter Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements

  • Scholarships are open to any applicant in need of flight training for Private Pilots through Certified Flight Instructor Ratings.  Current CFI’s are not eligible to apply. 
  • Applicants must be between 15 and 21 years of age who live in the central KY / Louisville area Age acceptations will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Applications MUST be turned in and include at least one letter of recommendation prior to the deadline (5pm on the last day of the application window) to be considered. 
  • Scholarship recipients must be members in good standing or become members prior to using any awarded funds. See ( for membership details.
  • Applicants must be 15+ for powered flight training. (Must be 16 for Solo Flight and 17 to take the FAA Practical Test check ride).
  • Applicants should submit their applications only once.  Additional duplicate applications will be discarded.
  • Scholarship recipients should be able to begin their flight training within 60 days of receiving the award or provide an expected timeframe when training can begin.
  • Applicants must complete the application process including submitting a short essay about why they are applying, their plans for the future and include how many hours a week they can commit to flight training.
  • Candidates must submit a letter of recommendation from an adult teacher, mentor, or employer. Parental letters of recommendation will not be considered.
  • Letter of recommendations MUST be signed by the author and submitted in a PDF format


Once Awardees are Selected​

The scholarship recipient will have to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Submit a copy of your most recent grade report from school to the FC502 Executive Director.
  • Must have or obtain an FAA Flight Medical / FAA Student Pilot Certificate or obtain one prior to using any awarded funds (FC502 volunteers can help fill out paperwork).
  • Must coordinate with the Flight Club 502 Executive Director and sign up to volunteer at Flight Club at least 3 hours monthly and attend monthly member meetings.
  • Submit bi-monthly training progress reports, signed off by your flight instructor, to the Flight Club Executive Director
  • Reach flight training milestones, as outlined by Flight Club 502’s training timeline. Exceptions must be documented and approved by the Executive Director

Upon Selection, Awardees Can Expect

  • To be assigned a Flight Instructor (CFI) and or an adult mentor.
  • A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the awardee’s specific circumstances and a plan will be developed to ensure all the pre-requisites are met prior to beginning flight training.
  • A training plan / timeline will be created that mirrors the applicants stated availability for training.
  • Awarded funds will be credited to the Awardee’s account in $500 increments. If the Scholarship award was greater than $500, then additional funds will be made available upon completion of a progress check with the student, CFI mentor and the Flight Club 502 Executive Director.  At the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee chairperson, unsatisfactory progression may result in additional scholarship funds being withheld.