Camp #1: Complete!

Day 2:

On Tuesday, the Aviation Tour and Flight Camp was given an inside look at the Kentucky Air National Guard Base! We were escorted to the base’s aircrafts, and were sure to ask plenty of questions. The kids sat in the cockpit and felt what it was like to be an actual Air Force pilot—they even saw the plane’s awesome mini-oven!

After a tour of the airplanes, campers met Air Force engineers, mechanics, navigators, and pilots while exploring the different parts of the base. They saw engines being constructed, flight plans being mapped, and more! Thank you Kentucky Air National Guard for hanging out with us for the day!

One of the camp groups is shown into the mechanics hangar, where they see the work that goes into construction and repairing the Air National Guard’s aircrafts.

Day 3:

Wednesday included a tour of the UPS Airline base. We viewed their training facility’s aircraft simulators, which were designed to look identical to the cockpits of UPS cargo planes. The campers as well as a Boeing 757-200 cargo plane. The engines on that plane were huge!

Each camper sat inside a UPS training simulator. It looks identical to the cockpit of a cargo plane!
The simulators look so identical to an actual plane, that the windows can project a visual of the airport’s runway in basically any weather condition.

Day 4:

On Thursday, the camp received a tour from the Louisville International Airport. We were escorted across the runways and shown the airport’s emergency service vehicles. Then, we saw what everyone has wondered about while boarding a commercial airplane: where the luggage goes. Tour guides led us to the room where luggage is carried on a conveyor belt through an X-ray, and passed onto the plane.

A camper sits inside one of the Louisville International Airport’s (SDF’s) high speed brooms, which is used to sweep large debris and rubber off of the runway.
Ever wondered how your luggage gets from the airport terminal to the plane you are boarding? During our tour, we were shown how luggage is inspected and transported on one large conveyor belt, then carried to the plane.

Later, we rode to one of the airport’s main runways to watch aircrafts takeoff and land. This was an especially cool moment because we were able to see UPS planes and others from a close view. This was followed by a tour of the fire & rescue facility, where certified firefighters and police officers work 24 hours in case of emergencies in the terminal, tarmac, or anywhere else on the airport. One of the firefighters demonstrated how powerful a firetruck’s hose is, and boy was that thing powerful!

Day 5:

Time “flies” when you’re having fun, and this week sure did “soar” by (haha pilot puns). For the last day of the Aviation Tour and Flight Camp, the kids were taken up In a Cessna 172 by one of Flight Club’s instructors, and I think we successfully influenced a few of them to aspire to be pilots! After the flights, they spent some time on the club’s simulators. We then ended the day with some celebratory snacks and had the campers play a game to review their knowledge of everything they learned throughout the week.

We had such a blast at our first summer camp of 2019! Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success!

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