Second Aviation Tours and Flight Camp


Flight Club 502 has completed its second Aviation Tours and Flight Camp, and it was amazing! They received a look at the Louisville International Airport and the Kentucky Air National Guard’s C-130s, as well as a flight in a hot air balloon and the club’s Cessna aircrafts!

Campers got a look at Louisville International Airport’s high speed machinery, watched airplanes takeoff and land on the runway, and sat inside a fire-and-rescue fire truck.

The next day, they were given the opportunity to fly on the club’s Redbird Simulator. They ended the day at the Air National Guard, where they were shown a C-130 military plane and sat inside the cockpit.

On the final day, the kids were given a special hot air balloon ride and taken up in Flight Club 502’s Cessnas. They had a great time and it was a beautiful day to fly!