Good Luck Seniors!

As fall is right around the corner, we’d like to wish our senior members good luck as they enter their first year of college or other post-high school endeavors. Be sure to fly in and say hi from time to time! Here’s some insight on two of Flight Club’s former Executive Board members: Kate and Molly Ensor.

Kate and Molly Ensor, Kentucky Country Day School Alumnae, helped found the club four years ago. They’ve taught ground school classes, led summer camps, and sat on our Executive Committee Board as Chairmen of Marketing and Finance.

In 2015, the girls joined with Mrs. Laura Benson Jones and five other students to form Flight Club 502. They held ground school classes in the eagle’s nest at Bowman Field’s Old Terminal, and the club’s since grown at an unbelievable rate. Their favorite memories from Flight Club were attending OshKosh Airventure last summer, where they were able to bond with their fellow members and even come up with a club handshake! They also had a great time at our summer camps. Kate recalls their tour of Louisville International Airport, “I had never been on any tours like those. We got to see the security cameras for SDF and it was this huge wall covered with TVs and I thought that was crazy, because someone actually sits there and watches them all.”

The sisters love art, and spend their free time practicing and creating new pieces. Kate enjoys embroidery and and photography, while Molly is interested in 3D art. “I focus on 3D—so lots of fashion,” she says. They recently participated in KMAC Couture last April, where they created their own designs and modeled them! They hope to do it again next year. They also love to bake! “My mom asked, ‘What am I going to do without you all next year since you’ll be in college?’ And we go, ‘You’re going to lose a lot of weight!”

Molly and Kate will be attending Miami of Ohio this fall, where they will join their older sister and former Flight Club 502 President, Sara. Molly will major in graphic design and Kate in studio art and entrepreneurship. They can’t wait to attend school with sisters and meet new people. We can’t wait to see where their future takes them.

A Word of Advice:

“Take advantage,” Kate says to her fellow members. “Flight Club has so much to offer. Say yes. There’s just so many opportunities Flight Club allows, so I’d say go for it.”

“Be productive and proactive,” Molly adds. “Because it’s so easy to sit on the sidelines, but you also have a bunch of opportunities to do stuff.”

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