Flight Across America

Flight Across America is a plan for national outreach program.

Flight Across America intends to spread our mission statement and expand on a national scale. We plan to coordinate a nationwide outreach program with the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) chapters and their respective airports to allow high school students to pursue aviation and to find a love for the Next Gen/STEM education system that they might not otherwise have access to. What this will encompass is having a group of our members stopping in major cities across the United States, furthering our Louisville mission statement, and doing something much similar to what we have here in Kentucky, but on a much bigger scale. We will use the RV12 as evidence of our mission’s success here in Louisville and will tour the nation with the RV12is aircraft and our Cessna 150. If you’re interested in donating, we have a comprehensive list of our different sponsor levels and what each category entails.

Flight Club 502 Members onboard the UPS 747 with RV12is we built at OSHKOSH!