Junior Flight Club

Henry Putney, President and Private Pilot
with Junior Flight Club Member

Junior Flight Club ages 8-12 is an aviation exploratory course taught by Senior Flight Club 502 members. We incorporate the four fundamentals of flight club into this program.

We teach the junior flight club kids all about the parts of the plane, the four forces of flight, basic navigation, aviation weather and aeromedical factors. We also take the junior flight club members on a variety of tours including: the control tower, walking tour of Bowman, visit a corporate flight department at SDF, backside tour of SDF, visit Air National Guard and UPS.

The junior members will have their first flight for no charge through the young eagles program (and they will receive the Sporty’s online ground school $200 value). The kids can use our Redbird Flight Simulator and can take 4 lessons per year in our club plane at our cost $60 with fuel plus cost of flight instructor.

The dates for our Junior Flight Club meetings for 2019/2020 will be posted soon! Just confirming dates!