The mission behind Flight Club 502 is to foster a love for learning in the youth of Louisville. We currently own one Cessna 150 aircraft and are constructing a second plane, the RV12. The RV12 is a kit-plane with brand new mechanics and all-glass avionics, meaning no knobs and dials. Upon completion, estimated to be in the summer of 2019, we will fly across the United States to various cities and help them establish aviation organizations of a similar nature to our; self-supporting non-profits that provide the opportunity for high school students to gain a love for both aviation and STEM subjects, potentially find a new career as a pilot, and help encourage others to use aviation as a springboard for success. Many of our members help contribute to the building of our RV12. If you’re interested, please visit our membership section! If you wish to donate to our foundation, there is a link below.

If you wish to donate to our Flight Across America, please use the link below or visit our Flight Across America sub-section.

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Thanks to David Harrison Photography for taking all the photos of the RV12 Build shown here.