Evan Soloed!

Congrats to Evan Myer for achieving his first solo! He’ll be heading to MTSU. Blue skies, Evan!

Kate’s 1st Solo!

Congratulations to member Kate Neville for achieving her first solo flight!

Sophia Passed Her Check-ride!

As of July 27, founding Flight Club member Sophia Baser is a private pilot! She passed her checkride with examiner JW Lynn. She was introduced to aviation by Flight Club’s own Laura Benson Jones in first grade. Next year, Sophia will attend Tulane University to major in architecture. She advises student pilots, “keep with it,…

Jimmy’s a Private Pilot Now!

Congratulations to senior member Jimmy Lancaster for passing his private pilot check-ride! Jimmy is a rising senior at St. Francis School and has been a member of FC 502 since 2016. His dad is a pilot, so he’s been interested in aviation his whole life! Awesome job, Jimmy!

Brietta Soloed!

Today Brietta Beisner accomplished her first solo! Brietta’s been a member of Flight Club for almost 4 years. She always wanted to fly; her father often told her stories about his experiences and travels as a pilot. “Don’t be afraid to write down things you have trouble remembering,” she advises fellow student pilots. “It’s okay…

Congrats Gus!

Congrats to Gus Boden, one of Flight Club 502’s founders, for achieving his first solo flight! Gus was introduced to aviation by Flight Club’s own Laura Benson Jones, and he hopes to pursue a career in aviation in the future. He shared, “the advice I would give to aspiring pilots would be to just learn…

Parker Soloed!

Congratulations to Parker Ashlock for his first solo flight yesterday! He trained with instructor, Mercedes Hartman. We’re so excited for you, Parker!

A Father-Daughter Moment

Congrats to member Anna Loring for achieving her first solo flight on Saturday! What made the moment even more special: she was soloed by her own father, Flight Club 502 volunteer and UPS captain Mark Loring! Blue skies, Anna!

Gabi’s First Solo!

Congratulations to Gabi McDonald for achieving her first solo flight! Gabi joined Flight Club four years ago and currently serves as our marketing co-chair and secretary. She was introduced to aviation by her father, who served in the Air Force and now pilots for UPS. In the future, she plans on doing AFROTC in college…

COVID-19 Protocols, Procedures and Waiver

Below you will find documents outlining Flight Club 502’s new COVID-19 procedures, which are to be followed during all club activities and while flying. Please read each document carefully and complete the waiver of liability before participating in any club events and the signed agreement before flying.