Tyler Soloed!

Tyler Klein soloed on Monday, March 22!  His instructor is Morgan Rodriguez. Congrats Tyler!

Quinten is a Private Pilot!

Quinten Shewmaker, Junior St.X High School obtained his private pilots license today! Quinten is also our director of maintenance. Congratulations Quinten!

August Soloed!

Flight Club member August Russ, 20 years old, helicopter pilot and UPS Maintenance Intern program just soloed!  His instructor is Natalie Hill.  August is offering the Intro to Maintenance workshop for our…

Charlotte Soloed!

Congratulations to Charlotte McCarthy for soloing! Charlotte is a junior at Sacred Heart Academy. Her instructor is Natalie Hill. Yay Charlotte!

Matthew Soloed!

Flight Club 502 member Matthew Fortune soloed on August 9th. Matthew goes to St Xavier High School. His instructor is Tara Ryan. Congrats Matthew!

Jack Ryan soloed!

Martha Layne Collins High school senior and Flight Club 502 member Jack Ryan Kelly soloed! His instructor is Meghan Schaefer. Congratulations Jack Ryan!

Eloise is a Private Pilot!

Flight Club 502 founding member Eloise Eiffler passed earned her Private Pilots License. Eloise is a senior at Sacred Heart Academy. Her flight instructor is Captain Robin Sloan. This year…

Hayden Soloed!

St Xavier High School junior and Flight Club member, Hayden Guenthner soloed! His instructor is Meghan Schaefer! Congratulations Hayden!

Afton Passed His Checkride!

Congratulations to Flight Club 502 founding member and co-president Afton Putney for passing his check ride today! Afton has been flying with his mom and Flight Club mentor, Laura Jones,…