Flight Club 502 Summer Camps are an opportunity for youth to have exposure to the history of aviation, learn about careers in aviation and the aircraft work by taking field trips and having interactive experiences at the Flight Club 502 clubhouse.

Field trips include: a visit to the Regional Airport Authority, a backside tour of SDF, a visit to the UPS Training Center including SIM, and an Air Traffic Control Tower Tour. Conditions permitting, a visit to the Vintage Warbirds hanger and a police helicopter tour.

There are three camps available for 13-18 year olds and four camps available for 8-12 year olds.

Camps are limited to 12 participates each.

The camps are conducted from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Monday-Thursday). The four-day camp costs $300.

NOTE- Camp tuition includes a one-year full membership to Flight Club 502.

New Member Class 2024 (AGES 13-21)

New Member Class is a  Flight Club 502 pre-req to joining our club! Each member must take this class to be considered a member. The class goes over what FC502 is and how we inspire the Youth of America with aviation based STEM, help build tomorrow’s leaders, and encourage choices supporting decision making skills and patriotism.

This class covers requirements for private pilot certificate, aircraft components, basic aerodynamics, flight organizations, jobs in aviation, aircraft systems: aircraft engines, flight instruments, flight controls, use of checklists, taxi procedures, fundamentals of flight (climbs, descents, straight and level and turns), aeromedical factors and aeronautical decision-making. Includes FC502 t-shirt, ground school programming, Sporty’s online training (valued at $350/year), Redbird sim training, and more.

Membership Classes are held every other month.
Please fill out the waitlist if you are interested in joining Flight Club 502 and you will be the first to be notified when a new members class is scheduled.


Includes flight club t-shirt, Ground school programming (see below), use of Redbird Simulator. Membership recommended Contribution $300. Needs based scholarships available contact

Ground School programming: Learn to fly orientation: Requirements for Private Pilot Certificate. Aircraft Components, Basic Aerodynamics, Flight organizations and Jobs in Aviation, Aircraft Systems: Aircraft Engines, Flight Instruments, Flight Controls, Flight: Use of Checklists, Taxi procedures, Fundamentals of Flight (Climbs, Descents, Straight and Level and Turns), Medical factors and decision making: Aeromedical Factors, Aeronautical Decision Making



*PLEASE NOTE: due to high demand for flight training, new members can expect a delay before being able to fly.”


Open to all Flight Club 502 youth and adult volunteer members.

Intro finance course taught by Mr. Duane Parker and his guest speakers.

This course is more of a “Finance Club within Flight Club” we can use our real world nonprofit in learning these key concepts and will have opportunity to apply what we learn both at Flight club and in your personal lives.

You will learn the basics of fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application in real-world situations. Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, risk-return tradeoff, cost of capital, retirement savings, digital money, the stock market and equity and debt.

You don’t need to attend every class to participate. This is open to youth and adult volunteer members.


Capt. Jim Schroder is leading Flight Club kids 7th grade and up who are interested in building and flying RC aircraft!

This group meets every other week at either Flight Club 502’s Hangar or the Tom Sawyer Park Airfield.

See our “EVENTS” page for details!Vote on what the next build will be!