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Upcoming Events and Meetings!


Weekly Ground School

FC502 Weekly Ground School for Private Pilot's License 10am - 12pm at FC502

5/13/23 signup (week 5)

5/20/23 signup (week 6)

5/27/23 signup (week 7)

6/3/23 signup (week 8)

6/10/23 signup (week 9)

6/17/23 signup (week 10)

6/24/23 signup (week 11)

7/1/23 signup (week 12)


Members only Private Pilot Weekly Ground School.

We will be following the Sporty's G
round Syllabus.  This class will be offered every Saturday morning from 10AM - 12 pm.  

Please register here weekly.

This class is offered gratis for all members. Your membership includes the two books required for this class.  If you have any questions please email  You may attend classes as you are available and classes will repeat on a loop once all classes have been completed we will begin again. 

Raffle Drawing!

Date: May 31st

Time: 4:30PM, Raffle drawing will be held at 5:00PM

Location: Flight Club 502

Details: Please join us for our raffle drawing party! 


Advanced PPL Ground School

Flight Club 502 is proud to announce its upcoming Advanced Private Pilot Ground School, starting on March 22nd. This eleven-week course is designed to prepare students for the FAA Knowledge exam and/or FAA Check ride. The fee for the entire course is $175 per student. As the class is held twice a year, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance your aviation knowledge and skills. Don't miss this chance to take your flying to the next level! 

Class is limited to 10 students.

*We will be hosting another round late Fall! 

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