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Introduction to Aviation Ground School:  Taught by Senior FC members.  Grades: 9th – 12th. Recommended donation: $300.  Includes class, club t-shirt, first flight (Young Eagle Flight), Sporty’s online ground school and use of Redbird Simulator. (If you cannot contribute this recommended amount – then chose the “other” option).  This class is a pre-requisite to Flight Club 502 Membership. 

2 Sessions: November 6th and November 7th from 10AM -2PM (bring a lunch). Founding member, first president and private pilot Annabelle Ensor is the instructor: Click the link below to sign up:

(must attend both sessions; make up date Nov. 14th)

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JUNIOR FLIGHT CLUB (8-12 years old): New Junior Flight Club Programming beginning in November 2021!

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. D’Andrew says:

    With corona going on can I sign up to do the classes now for the summer ?

  2. hindio says:

    hello, is there any classes during the month of December?

  3. Abigail Ratterman says:

    I am interested in the Junior Flight Club for my son. He is 11 years old. I know it is on stand-by, but if you could send me some information, that would be great!
    Thank you!

  4. Amy Harned says:

    Interested in any summer programs please and junior flight club.

  5. Sarah Sheets says:

    My son, Isaac Sheets, has already signed up and paid for June 2021 Intro To Aviation camp. Our family plans changed and he needs to switch his registration to the July camp. How do we do that? Thank you!
    Sarah Sheets

  6. Carolyn OverallMiller says:

    I’d be interested in junior flight club info.

  7. Martha Wagner says:

    Our son has done your flight clubs and is interested in going up in a ride again.
    Who can we contact for this?

  8. Ann Mudge says:

    I am thinking of giving our grandson (16 in March ‘22) something introductory to see if he would be interested in aviation. What do you recommend as a starter for him?

    Thank you.

    Ann Mudge

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