Give Wings

Turn your Airplane, into a Tax Donation


Flight Club 502 invites you to uplift the dreams of future aviators, engineers, mechanics, ATC, and those whose aspirations reach beyond the clouds. Your aircraft donation has a significant impact, offering American youth opportunities to learn life lessons through aviation that ignite passion for entrepreneurship, STEM, leadership, and patriotism.

Why donate your aircraft
to Fight Club 502?

Maximize Your Deduction:

Claim the full sale price on your tax return. As a 501(c) 3 charity, we’re committed to ensuring you receive the optimal value for your generous donation.

Empower young Aviators

Your aircraft becomes a catalyst for life-changing programs, providing the fuel young minds need to soar into the skies of opportunity.

Seamless Transfer Process:

Our seasoned team manages the entire transfer process, ensuring your donation journey is smooth and hassle-free. Ready to Make a Difference?


The aircraft donation program is great way to find a new home for your aircraft while supporting youth aviation programs. Aircraft donors are able to claiming a tax deduction for market value of the aircraft or equal to gross proceeds of the sale. In addition to the tax advantages, donors can take pride knowing their donation supports youth flight scholarships, aviation summer camps, and helps more kids get involved in aviation. Flight Club will either sell the aircraft outright or raffle the aircraft.

The process is quick, simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works in 5 easy steps!


We determine if the aircraft meets some basic donation criteria.


We help you determine the aircraft’s market value.


To complete the donation, all that’s required is for the donor to sign two simple documents – a bill of sale and letter of agreement.


Once these documents are signed Flight Club 502 assumes all the financial responsibilities for the aircraft. Then we raffle the aircraft or work with a local broker to sell the aircraft.


Lastly, Flight Club 502 will provide the donor with all the IRS tax documentation to ensure you receive the tax benefits

For more information or to discuss donating your aircraft, please call 502-208-6809 or email