All donations are appreciated and used towards programming, scholarship and outreach. All donation amounts are appreciated, and we have some special perks for the levels below.

Significant DONOR Levels:

The Kittyhawk: $1000:  over 22, use of Redbird Simulator, ability to schedule Flight Club conference rooms for meetings during school hours or when not in use by youth members.

The Earhart: $2500:  Same privileges as The Kittyhawk.  Use of facilities for an event 1 time per year. 

Curtiss-Wright: $5000:  Same privileges as the Earhart.  Plus an intro to aviation course for 8 people and an hour for each person in the redbird simulator with instructor.

Also, you can make Flight Club 502 your charitable donation on “”! Thank you.

Thank you Mr. Scott Williamson and kfi!