Intro to Aviation

Introduction to Aviation + Tours cover requirements for private pilot certificate, aircraft components, basic aerodynamics, flight organizations, jobs in aviation, aircraft systems: aircraft engines, flight instruments, flight controls, use of checklists, taxi procedures, fundamentals of flight (climbs, descents, straight and level and turns), aeromedical factors and aeronautical decision-making. We will also be going on airport tours!

Please sign up below!  There is a limit of 10 kids per session.


Radio Control Aircraft

Junior Flight Club Members 8-12 year olds:  (13-20 year old members can sign up to help)

We are building a Carbon Cub – Radio Control Aircraft!  This class introduces aircraft design, construction and basics of aerodynamics. This class is taught by Captain Jim Schroder and the River City Radio Control group who are expert builders and retired airline pilots.  Once we complete the build – we you will also learn the basics of how to be a Remote Control pilot!  

  • You don´t need to attend every class to participate.

Investing 502

Open to all Flight Club 502 youth and adult volunteer members.

Intro finance course taught by Mr. Duane Parker and his guest speakers. 

This course is more of a “Finance Club within Flight Club” we can use our real world nonprofit in learning these key concepts and will have opportunity to apply what we learn both at Flight club and in your personal lives.

You will learn the basics of fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application in real-world situations.  Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, risk-return tradeoff, cost of capital, retirement savings, digital money, the stock market and equity and debt. 

    • You don´t need to attend every class to participate. This is open to youth and adult volunteer members. 

Intro To Aviation Class

Taught by Annabelle Klein, (502) 777-2700

Class dates:  April 23th and 24th, From 10-1PM (bring your lunch). This class is a pre-requisite to join Flight Club 502 Membership. 

Includes flight club t-shirt, Ground school programming (see below), use of Redbird Simulator.  Recommended $300 (tax deductible donation),  needs based scholarships available contact

Ground School programming:  Learn to fly orientation: Requirements for Private Pilot Certificate. Aircraft Components, Basic Aerodynamics, Flight organizations and Jobs in Aviation, Aircraft Systems: Aircraft Engines, Flight Instruments, Flight Controls, Flight: Use of Checklists, Taxi procedures, Fundamentals of Flight (Climbs, Descents, Straight and Level and Turns), Medical factors and decision making: Aeromedical Factors, Aeronautical Decision Making



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