Membership – Youth

Flight Club 502 Members with Peyton Hoge

Membership Details and Costs

 Flight Club 502, Inc.

1) Membership Eligibility:

Ages: 13-21 years old. Prerequisite for membership includes:  1.“Introduction to Aviation Class” which is taught by the senior members of flight club.  2.  After completion of class: application for membership and recommendation from a flight club member who taught the class.

2) Annual Dues:

A.  Flight Crew level Dues:  $150 per year: Ability to fly club planes at reduced rates and use of the redbird sim.

B.  Ground Crew level Dues:  $50 per year: Ability to participate in Flight Club activities and use of the facilities.

C. Members reimburse the club at the end of each flight with a credit card on file.

D. Member agrees to pay the flight instructors directly for ground and flight $35 per hour.

E. If you need financial assistance, scholarship or want to participate in work to fly scholarship, please send a message to Mr. Allen:

Youth MEMBERSHIP FORM: FOR ALL MEMBERS of FLIGHT CLUB and if you have completed the intro to aviation class and would like to be a formal member please complete the membership form.


If you have questions email us at