New Members Info

Flight Club 502 is a leadership development program that uses lessons in aviation to develop STEM, entrepreneurship (decision making), leadership skills and patriotism. Members can also learn how to fly!

Because we are a youth nonprofit we are able to learn to fly at a reduced price. The youth members need to take good care of the airplanes, the club and participate in club outreach.  Typical flight training at a flight school would cost around $150 per hour to rent a plane plus instructor rates.   At flight club the Cessna 150 is $68 per hour and the 172 is $100 per hour (the actual operating cost).  The instructors are $35 per hour to be paid directly.

PARTIAL FLIGHT SCHOLARSHIPS are available:  Contact Mr. Allen and Captain Rice if you want to apply for a partial scholarship.

Stage 1:  Solo Flight: See Sporty’s Private Pilot Syllabus  

Pre-requisite to begin Stage 1:  Complete the Intro to Flight Course taught by Senior Members. You cannot begin flight training in the club planes unless you have been through the intro course.

Also, In order to obtain your Private Pilot’s Certificate and to Solo the plane you must obtain an FAA Medical Certificate and the Student Pilot Certificate.

1.  FAA MEDICAL CERTIFICATE:  students need 3rd class – you must be 16 to apply.

You must go to an FAA approved doctor – the following are FAA designated Medical Examiners: 

  1. Melissa T Barrett, MD, and Mary Lewis, MD: (502) 893-7462
  2. David Hiestand, MD: 502-292-7248
  3. Jason Lewis, MD: 502-855-3919
  4. Dr. Eliott Thompson, 502-895-0524

After you have set up your appointment, you need to complete the FAA online medical application, here’s the link:

It’s very sensitive – you must be very careful completing this application. If you have any questions please ask. 

2.  STUDENT PILOT CERTIFICATE:  It is required: It takes up to 3 weeks to process.  They will run security checks, etc. and then issue you a student pilot certificate.

Register for your student pilot certificate:   (go to:

  1. On the right side of the screen click “register”,
  2. Check is “applicant”,
  3. At the bottom of the page chose agree to TOS and continue,
  4. You don’t have a certificate number so skip that, 
  5. Complete personal info.  We recommend that you chose to not use your social security number and be issued a number,
  6. Complete citizenship,
  7. Complete residential address (then click the green validate residential address),
  8. Answer security questions ,
  9. Create user name and password – the password needs Upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols (12 characters total)  Make it simple enough to remember (write it down). ,
  10. Click register – YOU ARE NOT finished….  you have only registered, now you must log back in….
  11. Log back in and apply for a “STUDENT PILOT” certificate.  All of your data will be there from your registration.  If it is too confusing we can walk you through it.
  12. The final step is with an instructor.  They will need your drivers license and birth certificate or Passport (for our electronic TSA file and to confirm your information in IACRA.

Stage 2:  Cross Country: During this stage of training you need to be working on your written exam!  Here is the link to the prep book that has all the possible questions and answers:

We will be offering a prep for the written exam so watch on the website.

Stage 3:  Pilot Operations: This is the final stage of obtaining  your license. You must have completed all the required training and have passed your written exam.  The checkride cost approximately $650.  The cost to obtain your license depends on many variables including how hard you study and how often you fly.