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Beck Matthews Soloed!

Beck Matthews, Senior at Eastern High School, made his first solo flight tonight! His instructor is Meghan Shaefer! Congrats!!!

Pranay Midha Soloed!

Pranay Midha, a 17-year-old senior at Manual High School, just soloed! His instructor is Rob Melillo.

Charlie Klap soloed!

Charlie Klap soloed today! His dad is Pilot Sacha Klap. Henry Buckey is his instructor. Congratulations, Charlie!

Win Cessna 150 or $20K

Let your dreams take flight in our 1969 Cessna 150J, while helping our nonprofit develop the youth leaders for America.

Sam Gardner soloed!

Sam Gardner soloed on Friday, December 3, 2021. His flight instructor is Paul Wirkowski. Congrats Sam!

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Chloe Park Soloed!

On November 26th, Flight Club 502 member Chloe Park soloed! Congratulations Chloe! Her instructor is UPS flight intern Mike Ausley.

Balloon Glow Event

TEENS ONLY. On November 13th, at 5:30pm, Flight Club will be hosting a balloon glow party!

Flight Club 859

On November 7, 2021, Flight Club 502 successfully launched Flight Club 859 in Lexington!

Please fill out permission form!

Hello! For those of you participating in the Fly-In in Lexington, please remember to fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfm845BGSMo-_Y_XRVwWCJIhdJYkeAOwYKi3vQmEpNYcgGk-w/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 Thank you so much, and have a great time!

David soloed!

David Loring soloed on August 7th. His instructor is Rob Melio, and he is the son of UPS pilot Mark Loring.

Annika soloed!

Annika White soloed on June 15th, her instructor is Paul Wirkowski and her father is UPS pilot Tom White. Way to go Annika!

Keaton soloed!

One of our founding members and graduating seniors Keaton Jones soloed today! Congratulations Keaton!

Stephen soloed!

Stephen Leonard soloed on Friday, July 9th! His flight instructor was Meghan Schaefer. Congrats Stephen!

Jonas Soloed!

Jonas Gordon soloed on July 6th! Jonas is a graduate of Manual High School. His instructor is CFI Henry Buckey. Congrats Jonas!

Gabi soloed!

Gabi McDonald, past president of Flight Club, obtained her private pilots license today!  YAY!! Congrats to Gabi and to Captain Jim Yonts who taught her how to fly.

Eli Soloed!

Eli Lawrence, Senior at Louisville Male HS soloed July 5th!  His instructor is Natalie Hill.  Congrats Eli!

Stella Soloed!

Stella Campbell, SHA, soloed January 24th! Instructor Parker Andres!! Way to go Stella!

Tyler Soloed!

Tyler Klein soloed on Monday, March 22!  His instructor is Morgan Rodriguez. Congrats Tyler!

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Quinten is a Private Pilot!

Quinten Shewmaker, Junior St.X High School obtained his private pilots license today! Quinten is also our director of maintenance. Congratulations Quinten!

August Soloed!

Flight Club member August Russ, 20 years old, helicopter pilot and UPS Maintenance Intern program just soloed!  His instructor is Natalie Hill.  August is offering the Intro to Maintenance workshop for our

Charlotte Soloed!

Congratulations to Charlotte McCarthy for soloing! Charlotte is a junior at Sacred Heart Academy. Her instructor is Natalie Hill. Yay Charlotte!

Matthew Soloed!

Flight Club 502 member Matthew Fortune soloed on August 9th. Matthew goes to St Xavier High School. His instructor is Tara Ryan. Congrats Matthew!

Jack Ryan soloed!

Martha Layne Collins High school senior and Flight Club 502 member Jack Ryan Kelly soloed! His instructor is Meghan Schaefer. Congratulations Jack Ryan!

Eloise is a Private Pilot!

Flight Club 502 founding member Eloise Eiffler passed earned her Private Pilots License. Eloise is a senior at Sacred Heart Academy. Her flight instructor is Captain Robin Sloan. This year

Hayden Soloed!

St Xavier High School junior and Flight Club member, Hayden Guenthner soloed! His instructor is Meghan Schaefer! Congratulations Hayden!

René Banglesdorf Visits Flight Club 502

René Banglesdorf came to our new hangar and Flight Club 502 hang out space to listen to a presentation about our club yesterday. René is the CEO and co-founder of

Afton Passed His Checkride!

Congratulations to Flight Club 502 founding member and co-president Afton Putney for passing his check ride today! Afton has been flying with his mom and Flight Club mentor, Laura Jones,

Brooks Passed His Check-ride!

Brooks Baker, Flight Club 502 member, and St. Xavier student passed his Private Pilot Check-ride!  His instructor was Tara Ryan and JW Lynn gave him his check-ride. Congratulations Brooks!

Colin is a Private Pilot!

Flight Club 502 member Colin Heller is now a private pilot! Colin is a sophomore at Eastern Kentucky University.  Here he is with his instructor, Jim Yonts, and flight examiner,

Evan Soloed!

Congrats to Evan Myer for achieving his first solo! He’ll be heading to MTSU. Blue skies, Evan!

Kate’s 1st Solo!

Congratulations to member Kate Neville for achieving her first solo flight!

Sophia Passed Her Check-ride!

As of July 27, founding Flight Club member Sophia Baser is a private pilot! She passed her checkride with examiner JW Lynn. She was introduced to aviation by Flight Club’s

Jimmy’s a Private Pilot Now!

Congratulations to senior member Jimmy Lancaster for passing his private pilot check-ride! Jimmy is a rising senior at St. Francis School and has been a member of FC 502 since

Brietta Soloed!

Today Brietta Beisner accomplished her first solo! Brietta’s been a member of Flight Club for almost 4 years. She always wanted to fly; her father often told her stories about

Congrats Gus!

Congrats to Gus Boden, one of Flight Club 502’s founders, for achieving his first solo flight! Gus was introduced to aviation by Flight Club’s own Laura Benson Jones, and he

Parker Soloed!

Congratulations to Parker Ashlock for his first solo flight yesterday! He trained with instructor, Mercedes Hartman. We’re so excited for you, Parker!

A Father-Daughter Moment

Congrats to member Anna Loring for achieving her first solo flight on Saturday! What made the moment even more special: she was soloed by her own father, Flight Club 502

Gabi’s First Solo!

Congratulations to Gabi McDonald for achieving her first solo flight! Gabi joined Flight Club four years ago and currently serves as our marketing co-chair and secretary. She was introduced to

Congratulations Jacob!

Congrats to Jacob Aaron for passing his check-ride on May 22! Jacob’s been a member of Flight Club for about a year. He fell in love with aviation on an

Let’s talk about stalls

Stalls…one of the early procedures, dreaded by many, taught before the solo flight. A stall occurs when the aircraft is pitched so high that air can no longer flow over

A Message for Intro to Aviation Class

Hi everyone, we missed seeing our Intro to Aviation class today, and decided to put together a video for our last meeting of the year. Several of our senior members

A&P Mechanic: Aaron Jozwiak

Flight Club member Aaron Jozwiak has recently completed the first half of his aircraft and power plant mechanic training! He is the first in his family to become involved in

Some Advice About the Written Exam

You never know when something will cause you to cancel a flight lesson—weather, plane maintenance, finances, you name it—and it can easily slow your progress. Instead of becoming discouraged, use


In response to recent information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be cancelling all meetings and flights for the remainder of April. We will reassess after May 1, 2020. Please check

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Thank you to all the amazing women, especially Laura Benson Jones, that have helped make Flight Club 502 what it is today.

Congrats Kai!

Congratulations to Kai Poepsel for soloing today!!! Kai is a senior at Collegiate and was encouraged to join Flight Club by our president, Henry Putney. He is a volunteer at

Dwayne passed his check-ride!

Congratulations to Dwayne Johnson for passing his check-ride today and becoming a private pilot! Dwayne is a freshman at Eastern Kentucky University and was introduced to flying through his participation

Carol’s a private pilot now!

A huge congratulations to Caroline Schmid for passing her check-ride and becoming a private pilot! Caroline is a senior at Sacred Heart Academy, is a member of the Madrigals and

I soloed!

It’s official, my first solo is now in the books! It has been a long ride, but the wait was worth it. A special thank you to Captain Dean Rice

Scholarship Opportunity

Calling all young pilots: If you have a story about an event that has changed or shaped how you fly, Air Facts Journal wants to hear from you! Applications are

AOPA High School Flight Training Scholarship

Hey Flight Club! AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) is accepting applications for their AOPA High School Flight Training Scholarship. 80 selected students will receive a $10,000 scholarship in 2020.

Happy New Year!

Well, that’s a wrap on 2019! It’s been a great year for Flight Club 502—full of amazing opportunities and achievements. Here’s a recap of some of our highlights. We welcomed

And the winner is…

The results are in…and the winner of the 2019 Flight Club 502 Piper Super Cruiser Raffle is…Captain Maura Schmid of Louisville, KY!!! Thank you to everyone who participated in this

RV12 Had Its First Test Flight!

We are excited to announce that Flight Club 502’s RV-12iS aircraft has successfully completed its first test flight! Thank you to our awesome Adult Build Leaders, Keith Altman and Bruce

Quinten Soloed!

Congratulations to Quinten Shewmaker for achieving his first solo flight! He was trained by instructor, Tanner Love. Quinten is a sophomore at St. Xavier High School and plays baseball. He

Welcome Delegates from Oman!

This Monday, October 14, we received an exciting visit from a delegation of aviation professionals from Oman. The delegation was part of an “Aviation, Air Cargo, and Airport Management” professional

Congrats Grant White!!

Congratulations to Grant White for accomplishing his first solo flight! Grant is a Junior at Oldham County High School. He is on the maintenance committee for Flight Club and a

Girls In Aviation Day

We had an amazing time at Bowman Field’s Girls In Aviation Day event! Flight Club spoke to visitors and guided kids in a super fun paper airplane activity. We also

Congratulations Alice!

Alice Deters became a private pilot on August 21, 2019. Alice is a sophomore at UVA and has been a Flight Club member since August 2016. Congrats Alice!

Good Luck Seniors!

As fall is right around the corner, we’d like to wish our senior members good luck as they enter their first year of college or other post-high school endeavors. Be

More Soloes (Woohoo!)

We’ve got more soloists everyone! Congratulations to Colin, Jimmy, Eloise, Evan, and Brooks for completing their first solo flight this August 11th. Great job, guys!

Motivation Monday: Dominique Leonard-Curry

Dominique Leonard-Curry grew up in Jefferson, Indiana, where she never considered aviation as a career. A family friend, who worked as a UPS pilot, introduced her to the field by

Dwayne Soloed!

Congratulations to Dwayne Johnson for accomplishing his first solo flight! We’re so proud and happy for him. Next up: pilot’s license!

OBAP Visits Flight Club 502

On July 22, OBAP’s ACE Academy paid a visit to Flight Club 502 to learn about who we are and what we do. Senior members gave campers an informational session

Build Suspended For Oshkosh

The RV12iS project has been delivered to UPS for its trip to Oshkosh, where it’ll be getting a ride in a brand new $340 million Boeing 747-8F! Due to AirVenture

Private Pilot Alert!

On July 19, Flight Club 502’s President, Henry Putney, passed his pilot check ride, the last step to attaining his private pilot certificate! We’re so excited for him and can’t

Second Aviation Tours and Flight Camp

Flight Club 502 has completed its second Aviation Tours and Flight Camp, and it was amazing! They received a look at the Louisville International Airport and the Kentucky Air National

A New Member to the Flight Club Family

Exciting news, everyone! Flight Club 502 has recently purchased a new Cessna-150 aircraft for pilot training! His name is Bumblebee, and we can’t wait to start flying him as soon

Intro to Aviation Camp

Another week in June, and another great summer camp hosted by Flight Club 502! This week was all about Intro to Aviation. Campers were taught the basics of flying and

Camp #1: Complete!

Day 2: On Tuesday, the Aviation Tour and Flight Camp was given an inside look at the Kentucky Air National Guard Base! We were escorted to the base’s aircrafts, and

It’s Summertime!

Summer is officially here, and today Flight Club 502 kicked off our first summer camp of the season! This energetic group had an awesome time during their exclusive tour of

First armless pilot Jennifer Cox, sits next to her Ercoupe aircraft.

Motivation Monday: Jessica Cox

When an obstacle is presented, will you choose to take it head on or allow it to keep you from your goals? That is the question Jessica Cox was faced

Memorial Day

Flight Club 502 would like to thank the men and women who have served in our military as well as remember those who have died while fighting for the US.

Congrats Afton!

Happy birthday Afton Putney, and congratulations for successfully accomplishing your first solo flight this morning! We’re so proud of you!

Special Guests at Hangar 5

Thanks to Officer Jason Sattich, a helicopter pilot with the Louisville Metro Police Department, for coming out to Hangar 5 and talking with our students about careers in aviation through

And the Winner is . . .

. . . John Yates! Thanks to everyone that purchased a raffle. Your support helped us reach our goal of 600 tickets sold and a plane for Flight Club 502.

Welcome to Flight Club 502.org

With the start of the NewYear, the Club is in the final stretch of its effort to raise funds for the purchase of a small plane to allow members to



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