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The 2021 Scholarship Application is below:

Congratulations! Eloise Eifler, Dwayne Johnson and Spencer Allen are all recipients of financial scholarships to provide funding towards their private pilot’s license. All three are very grateful to the EAA and UPS for giving them the opportunity to learn to fly.

Eloise Eifler

Eloise Eifler was selected as the EAA 2019 Ray Aviation Scholarship recipient, which will be managed by the local EAA chapter. Eloise will be mentored and supported through her flight training journey to receive her private pilot’s license. Congratulations Eloise!

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne’s been a member of Flight Club 502 since October of 2017 and was first introduced to aviation by OBAP.  He has enjoyed building the RV12 aircraft, teaching the junior flight club members and has always had a dream to fly airplanes.  His father, Dwayne Johnson, works for UPS airlines and his sister also works for UPS.  His family is really proud of Dwayne.  Dwayne was accepted into the Flight Program at Eastern Kentucky University this Fall and his dream is to fly for UPS airlines one day!   
Spencer Allen

Spencer is a founding member of Flight Club 502 and is considering to pursue his college education with an emphasis in aviation and/or engineering. Spencer has partnered with his mentor, Dean Rice, to guide him in his journey to complete his private pilot’s license by the end of 2019.