Officers 2019-2020

President, Henry Putney

Henry is s a senior at St. Xavier High School, a Private Pilot, Younge Eagle Flight Leader and is a founding member of Flight Club 502. He was chair of the 2016 fundraiser which raised $55,000. Henry worked on the mission, the vision and the strategic plan both short term and long term plan and goals for our non-profit. As president he is overseeing all areas of operation, including the fundraising effort and working with Chair of Flight Across America to expand the non-profit model to other cities.
Vice President, Sophia Baser

Sophia is a senior at Louisville Collegiate School and is one of the founding members.. In 2016, she helped start the youth outreach programs for youth ages 7-18. These programs are important for recruiting new members and inspiring youth. Sophia soloed on her 16th birthday, has passed her written and is targeted to complete her license by November 1, 2019.
Treasurer, Spencer Allen

Spencer is a senior athlete at St. Xavier High School and one of the founding members. He is responsible for billing, ensuring that members pay their dues, and keeping up with the financial responsibilities of the non-profit in the aviation community. He has completed his solo and written and is looking to have his private pilot’s license by 2020.
Secretary, Luke Voss

Luke is a senior at Louisville Collegiate School and he authored the Flight Across America business plan and has been the membership chair since 2017. He has enjoyed participating in the RV-12 build as well as promoting and leading Youth Flight Camps. Luke is also taking classes in pursuit of his private pilot’s license.
Chair of Fundraising, Jamie Ashlock

Jamie is a senior at Sacred Heart Academy, and has been a member of Flight Club since 2017. In the past year, she has led camps for junior members, and is currently chair of the fundraising committee. She recently soloed, and is looking forward to continuing her training. 
Chair of Social Engagement,
Emilie Garner
Emilie Garner is a senior at Louisville Collegiate School and founding member of Flight Club 502. In addition to helping build the club from the ground up, she helped to create youth flight programs and classes for ages 7-18. Currently, she works to help keep member engagement high through creating club sponsored events. Emilie is working towards obtaining her private pilot’s license.

2020-2021 Executive Team Members:

2020-2021 Executive Team Members
  • Afton Putney
  • William Jones
  • Gabi MacDonald
  • Alise Fenwick
  • Perry Long
  • Eloise Eifler
  • Theron Varda
  • David Loring
  • Grant White
  • Brietta Beisner
  • Evan Meyers
  • Julia Deters