Keaton soloed!

One of our founding members and graduating seniors Keaton Jones soloed today! Congratulations Keaton!

Stephen soloed!

Stephen Leonard soloed on Friday, July 9th! His flight instructor was Meghan Schaefer. Congrats Stephen!

Jonas Soloed!

Jonas Gordon soloed on July 6th! Jonas is a graduate of Manual High School. His instructor is CFI Henry Buckey. Congrats Jonas!

Gabi soloed!

Gabi McDonald, past president of Flight Club, obtained her private pilots license today!  YAY!! Congrats to Gabi and to Captain Jim Yonts who taught her how to fly.

Eli Soloed!

Eli Lawrence, Senior at Louisville Male HS soloed July 5th!  His instructor is Natalie Hill.  Congrats Eli!

Stella Soloed!

Stella Campbell, SHA, soloed January 24th! Instructor Parker Andres!! Way to go Stella!

Tyler Soloed!

Tyler Klein soloed on Monday, March 22!  His instructor is Morgan Rodriguez. Congrats Tyler!

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Quinten is a Private Pilot!

Quinten Shewmaker, Junior St.X High School obtained his private pilots license today! Quinten is also our director of maintenance. Congratulations Quinten!