Congrats Grant White!!

Congratulations to Grant White for accomplishing his first solo flight! Grant is a Junior at Oldham County High School. He is on the maintenance committee for Flight Club and a really committed member. His dad is a UPS captain and one of the guardians of Flight Club.

RAFFLE – Win a 1946 Piper Super Cruiser Plane or $15,000 – each chance $50!

The website is: Flight Club 502 has been the recipient of the donation of this Classic 1946 Piper Super Cruiser. The plane has less than 3,000 hours total time on the airframe and the last annual was June 12, 2019. The 100 HP Lycoming O-235 engine has 760 hours SMOH with a single seat in…

Girls In Aviation Day

We had an amazing time at Bowman Field’s Girls In Aviation Day event! Flight Club spoke to visitors and guided kids in a super fun paper airplane activity. We also showcased our newest plane and met the founder of Girls In Aviation Day, Dr. Peggy Chabrian. Thank you, Dr. Chabrian, for giving Flight Club 502…

Congratulations Alice!

Alice Deters became a private pilot on August 21, 2019. Alice is a sophomore at UVA and has been a Flight Club member since August 2016. Congrats Alice!

Good Luck Seniors!

As fall is right around the corner, we’d like to wish our senior members good luck as they enter their first year of college or other post-high school endeavors. Be sure to fly in and say hi from time to time! Here’s some insight on two of Flight Club’s former Executive Board members: Kate and…

More Soloes (Woohoo!)

We’ve got more soloists everyone! Congratulations to Colin, Jimmy, Eloise, Evan, and Brooks for completing their first solo flight this August 11th. Great job, guys!

Motivation Monday: Dominique Leonard-Curry

Dominique Leonard-Curry grew up in Jefferson, Indiana, where she never considered aviation as a career. A family friend, who worked as a UPS pilot, introduced her to the field by inviting her to a summer camp held by OBAP (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals). The camp taught her about the different aspects of aviation—not just…

Dwayne Soloed!

Congratulations to Dwayne Johnson for accomplishing his first solo flight! We’re so proud and happy for him. Next up: pilot’s license!

OBAP Visits Flight Club 502

On July 22, OBAP’s ACE Academy paid a visit to Flight Club 502 to learn about who we are and what we do. Senior members gave campers an informational session about the club and shared their experiences as members. Then, we provided them with a tour of our awesome space. Thank you to UPS Captain…

Build Suspended For Oshkosh

The RV12iS project has been delivered to UPS for its trip to Oshkosh, where it’ll be getting a ride in a brand new $340 million Boeing 747-8F! Due to AirVenture Oshkosh, the build is suspended and will proceed on Monday, July 29, from 5 to 7pm. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to…