Olivia Fico Solos!

Congrats to Olivia Fico! Olivia soloed in T-REX2 on November 7th! Her CFI is Mohamud Aden. Blue skies Olivia! ✈️

Thomas Fernandez Borges Solos!

Congratulations to Thomas Borges! Thomas soloed on November 12th. His CFI is Austin Colliver! Blue skies, Thomas!✈️

Reagan Giles Solos!

Congratulations to Reagan and her CFI, Matthew Sutherland! Reagan soloed in T-Rex2 on October 11, 2023. Blue skies Reagan!

Kaiden Thompson Solos!

Kaiden Thompson soloed in Red Diamond on October 26, 2023! Congrats to Kaiden and CFI, Noah Holdaway!

Kaden Robinson Solos!

Congrats to Kaden Robinson and his CFI, Mohamud Aden! Kaden soloed in our Red DA20 on September 20th, 2023. We are so proud of you Kaden!

Iris Charles Solos on September 2nd!

Congratulations to Iris and her CFI, Paul Cobb! Iris is currently a freshman at EKU and is working on her Pilot's license! Blue skies Iris!

Ethan Stewart Solos!

Ethan Stewart soloed in Grasshopper, our green DA20 on August 20th! Congrats to Ethan and CFI, Paul Cobb!

Ethan ZumBrunnen Solos!

On August 20th, Ethan soloed in Grass Hopper, our Green DA20! Congrats Ethan and CFI, Paul Cobb!

Eisa Nasim Solos!

Eisa Nasim soloed June 21st in Yellowjacket- our Yellow DA20. "We caught a nice break in the weather and he did great! He’ll be starting at Embry Riddle this upcoming…

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