Adam Bohachevsky is a Private Pilot!

Congratulations to Adam Bohachevsky for getting his Private Pilot's License on January 21st, 2024! Adam graduated Nelson County High School in 2022 and has since pursued aviation. Adam's favorite memories…

Nick Sanders Soloed!

Congratulations to Nick Sanders for soloing on January 21st, 2024! Nick is currently a sophomore at St. Xavier High School. His favorite memory at Flight Club 502 was the first…

Madeline Breitenstein Soloed!

Congratulations to Madeline Breitenstein for soloing yesterday, January 18th, 2024! Madeline recently graduated from high school in December and came out of the gates crushing it by accomplishing another huge…

Grayson Roberts is a Private Pilot!

On January 11th, 2024 Grayson Roberts just passed his Private Pilot Check-ride! Congratulations to Grayson and Laura! Blue Skies ✈️

Andreas Olsen is a CFII!

Congratulations to Andreas Olsen for passing his CFII check ride on Friday, January 12th 2024! Blue Skies ✈️  

Noah Maxwell Soloed!

Congratulations to Noah Maxwell for soloing yesterday, January 15th, 2024! Noah is a senior at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Blue Skies ✈️

Kaden Robinson is a Private Pilot!

Congradulations to Kadin robinson who is one of Flight Club 502's newest Private Pilots! Way to go Kaden and his CFI Mohamud Aden!

Angelo Ramirez Accepted into Naval Academy!

Congratulations to flight club member Angelo Ramirez, who has been accepted into the naval academy! He says he is very grateful for his flight club experience and his experience on…

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