Jonas Gordon, our newest “Home Grown” CFI!

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On July 29, 2023, Jonas Gordon obtained his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate! Jonas joined Flight Club 502 in 2019.


✈️ Private Pilot License in September 2022 Flight Instructors: CFI: Henry Buckey & Meghan Schaefer, Patrick O’Donohoe


✈️ Instrument in May 2023 Flight Instructor: Grayson Burkhart


✈️ Commercial/CFI Prep at Flight Club 502 in July 2023 Flight Instructor: Matthew Sutherland

Commercial and CFI obtained at Midwest Corporate Air on July 29th, 2023! Congratulations Jonas, we are so proud of you and are excited to have you at Flight Club 502 as our newest CFI!

Blue skies!

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