Volunteering Options and Information

Flight Club 502 Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

Volunteers Flight Club 502 (FC502) is not a Flight School.  We’re a volunteer 501(c)(3) youth services organization building future leaders.  We use airplanes to build future leaders and teach aerospace lessons to integrate STEM/Next Gen Learning, decision making, leadership and patriotism.  All Flight Club 502 members are required to volunteer at least 12 hours of time per annual membership period and all members are invited to participate on committees that help run our nonprofit.  Adult Advisory members lend their time, talent and treasure to guide the youth committees.  We depend on all of our adult volunteers to mentor our teenagers, model the assumption of responsibilities and display dutiful effort for the benefit of society.  Last year we logged over 15,000 volunteer hours.

All adult volunteers must join the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) and complete the EAA Young Eagle Youth Protection Program.  All Adult Volunteers contribute $50 dues per year.

Join EAA and complete Young Eagle training: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/youth/free-ye-flights/ye-volunteers

Specific Adult and Youth Volunteer Roles:

Executive Board Member:  Adult – Assumes executive level fiduciary responsibility for the management of Flight Club 502, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) youth services organization.  Works with the Youth Committee Chairs and Adult Advisory Board members on the overall Flight Club 502 strategic plan.  See the current Flight Club 502 bylaws for specific roles and responsibilities of Executive Board Members.  

Advisory Board Member:  Adult – Work with the Youth Committees (work groups) and Flight of Teens” groups (friend groups) on a semi-regular basis and help mentor teens in several important ways.  1.  Meet with committee directors and help shape the agenda for meetings.  2.  See that youth committees are working toward accomplishing tasks for projects that contribute to the Clubs’ overall strategic plan.  3.  Help guide teens toward career paths.  4.  Mentor “Flight of Teens” groups along their flight training paths.  Other tasks as agreed upon.

Youth Club Member:  Youth – Flying and Non-Flying members are required to volunteer 12 hours per year and pay dues.  Flight Members 2021 dues are $150 and Non-Flying members 2021 dues are $50 (non-flying member can fly up to 4 hours per year; over 4 hours they need to become a Flying member)

Youth Committee Member:  Organize and participate in club activities including, facility maintenance, aircraft aesthetics, education classes, community outreach, etc.  Learn to set goals and objectives by utilizing Flight Club 502 Committee Worksheets.  Responsible for coordinating tasks and activities with the Club’s overall Strategic Plan.

Junior Flight Club Member: 8-12 year old, summer camp, RC build and after school programs.

Volunteer Coordinator: Adult – As needed –  Responsible for recruiting, scheduling training and scheduling youth and adult volunteers. Reports to the Executive Committee Chairperson and oversees all aspects of FlightClub502’s Volunteer program.  Answers to the Executive Board Chair.

Raffle Auction Coordinator:  Responsible for organizing several Raffles per year in order to raise dollars for Capital Projects.  Answers to the Executive Board Chair.

Scholarship Coordinator: Adult – As needed – Works with the Executive Board Finance Committee to coordinate the funding of Full and Partial Scholarships.  Works with Youth and Adult Advisory members to select recipients and track progress, etc.  Answers to the Executive Board Chair.

Mentorship Volunteer: Adult – Scheduled – Certified Pilot – Adult mentors provide a regular presence in the Clubhouse and/or Hangar.  (Ideally we’ll have someone in the building on a regular/daily basis)  Certified Pilots coach youth flying and non-flying members (and staff CFI’s) with their aviation studies (or other subjects.)  Additionally, these volunteers help with Saturday morning workshops (Saturday’s at Flight Club) and regularly scheduled classes, and other duties as requested by the Director of Volunteers.

Mentorship Volunteer:  Adult or Youth – Scheduled – Non-Pilot – Parents of members and Senior FlightClub members provide mentorship to younger members.  This mentorship may include tutoring in STEM and non-STEM subjects, help with college planning or other academic related matters, provide training for future committee membership roles, and other duties as requested by the Director of Volunteers.

Youth and Adult Programming Volunteers – As needed:  Responsible for assisting in coordinating FC502 programming, setting up tours, creating Sign Up Genius for participants, adding the sign up to the FC502 Website, Facebook and Calendar.  Also, responsible for confirming permission slips are signed and saved in the Google Workspace Drive.

Sr. Dispatch (17-22 yr old members) – Scheduled:  Responsible for opening and closing Flight Club, these responsibilities include greeting visitors, mentors, donors, volunteers, and members.  Team lead for youth member group tasks including cleaning aircraft and the facility.
Jr. Dispatch (13-16) – Scheduled with Sr. Dispatch: Responsible for assisting the Sr. Dispatch volunteer with assigned tasks.

Certificated Flight Instructor – As needed:  Responsible for teaching ground and flight lessons to the youth members. 

Visit here in order to sign up or view other requirements. We thank you for volunteering!